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D4 Banner Stands Options

2015 was a busy year of product design and development here at Dimensions Displays. We introduced the first new D4 model in a long time. When creating the new D4 Konnect become apparent we needed to update the branding on the existing D4 models to help explain the differences between them. 

Individual D4 pop up banner banner stands are now available in three models – Classic, Konnect & Shape. The critical thing to take away is the banner fixing method is different for each model. Each model has its own pros and cons.

D4 Classic

D4 Shape

D4 Konnect

d4 banner displays system model options
banner display in office reception area

D4 Konnect

The new D4 Konnect has a cleaner simpler design which doesn’t distract from the graphics. There are no visible fixings on the banner face and the cables are hidden behind the banner. The graphic clips onto the tension cables.

We achieved this by designing a new aluminium profile that is fixed onto the back on the banner. This also makes the assembly quicker and easier. Individual displays can also be built into an exhibition system by connecting them together. 

Aluminium graphic banner support rail

Konnect Banner Rail

Banner are fixed to an aluminium extrusion which then hooks onto the cables

D4 Banner cable & banner connection detail

Moulded Precision Fixings

Each cable has two fixings which are moulded onto the cable. The Konnect rail has keyholes which clips on to these fixings.

Detail shot of the D4 Konnect base, banner profile and cable fixings

New D4 Baseplate Design

D4 baseplates now have a slot cut in from the front. This allows the larger D4 Konnect cable to be a hooked into the base. It also makes assembly easier and quicker.

D4 Classic

The D4 Classic is the original model, first launched in 2000. Previously called the D4 Standard. It features banners with hemmed pockets top and bottom. Aluminium cross ties hold the banner suspended between the tension cables.

Two basic models are available in 60cm and 80cm widths. The larger D4.8 Classic has a 4.5 kg base which provides plenty of stability for permanent displays.

Support rail and mast detail for D4 banner stand

Classic D4 Cross Tie

Aluminium poles are inserted in a hemmed pockets top and bottom of the banner. A simple slot and thumbscrew fixing detail holds the banner in place.

Banner cable fixing detail for D4 tension cable display

Banner Leveling Guide

A small ball moulded on the cable shows you where to attach the banners so they are level.

The banner height can be varied on the D4 Classic

steel base and tension cable banner system

Steel Baseplate For Stability

A powder coated mild steel baseplate
provides the D4 system with stability

D4 Shape

The D4 Shape was previously called the D4 Wide, which came in five different models. We renamed this system to D4 Shape as you can vary the width / height of these banners, as well as displaying curved banners on this model. Banner are attached using our cable fixing.

Fabric banners require hemmed pockets top and bottom which the battens are inserted into. Alternatively flat battens can be velcroed to the back of opaljet banners. These banners are suspended in front of the cables. This means we can vary both the width and height of the banners.

d4 cable fixing detail

Cable Fixing Detail

Banners are attached using 4 cable fixings which are fixed on to the cables first. The banner is then hooked on to these fixings

D4 Display base plate, cable and banner support rail detail

Aluminium Support Battens

Aluminium battens are inserted into hemmed pockets. The banner and battens have holes in them so they can fit onto the cable fixing.

cable fixing banner detail

Cable Fixing Detail Back

This shows the back of the cable fixing when using the alternative velcro fixing method. Banners can vary in width from 70cm to 120cm, height can be between 100cm to 200cm

Finally if anyone uses Pinterest to collate ideas and inspiration for projects you might want to head over to our How to Display Banners page. We’ve posted example of our work and other displays we like.

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