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Modular Displays

Modular Displays by Dimensions

We are a design led company, suppling modular displays using our patented tension cable system. We manufacture displays using a variety of materials and display components. By combining our modular display components and custom graphics we create individual displays for clients. This means reduced costs for them, whilst providing a more personalised display solution.

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Modern Banner Stands – Stylish Pop Up Displays

Modern Banner Stands - Stylish Banner StandsModern Banner Stands

To stand out from the crowd at an exhibition or event you need good graphics, presented on modern banner stands. Remember you only have about 10sec to convince someone walking past your stand to stop. D4 Konnect banner stands are a simple and effective tool for any marketing professional to present their brand in a contemporary way. Continue Reading →


D4 Konnect Banner Stand – Seamless Exhibition Graphics now on the D4.

The New D4 Konnect


Four standard sizes



Launched Summer 2015


80cm wide banner stands for UK launch event

We've completed a few jobs pre-launch to check everything is OK…

Elegant stand alone banner display in modern office reception area

…just waiting on some packaging and we're ready to go……

The new D4 Konnect has a clean minimal look, with no obvious fixings to detract from the graphics.

Banners are glued directly on to the banner rail, eliminating the need for fixings.

Some design details……

Banners are hooked on to pressed fixings on the cables. These hold the banners in place horizontally.

Banners are secured onto the bottom cable ferrules with a simple, but clever method.

From the front your graphics have a nice crisp edge and float just off the floor.

You can directly Konnect 80cm, 90cm and 100cm wide models together with a simple magnetic connection system.

Adding an extra linking panel between two displays gives you the option to create a large single graphic.

There is also a flexible linking graphic option so you can create curved graphic displays.

Insert Masts

Three Stage Assembly

Tension Cables

Attach Banner Graphic

Tension cable detail. Hook the smaller ball into the keyhole at the top of the mast and then slide your hand down the cable……

…and hook the other end of the cable into the base.

Hook the banner onto the top cable fixings one at time.

The clever bit……pulling the cable back drops the banner down. This lets you to thread the ferrule into the keyhole on the banner rail.

A correctly fitted banner can't come off the cables.

A year in development, we’re now ready to launch the new D4 Konnect

The D4 Konnect is our brand new banner system which can be used as individual banner stands or joined together to create seamless exhibition graphics like a pop-up system. Continue Reading →


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