Pop-Up Marketing Banner Stands & Displays: D4 Roller Banners

Pop-Up Marketing Banner Stands

Displays For Exhibitions & Interiors

Banner Stands For Marketing & Interiors

D4 Banner Stands are floor standing pop-up banner displays. Suitable for use in corporate offices, marketing purposes, events, and trade shows. Our D4 pop up banners are a great alternative to pull up banners.

D4 pop up banners are lightweight, compact and quick and easy to assemble. They pack down into travel bags are easily transportable and perfect for branding and marketing communications.

D4 banner stands are suitable for displays in reception areas, marketing suites, and exhibitions. Utilise them for your events or marketing purposes.

D4 Banner Display Models – Konnect, Classic, and Shape.

  • Curved banner stands exhibition banner stands

    D4 Shape Banner Stands

    £210.00£400.00 ex-VAT
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  • D4 tension fabric banner stand

    Classic D4 Banner Stands

    £150.00£170.00 ex-VAT
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  • Single 100cm wide D4 banner display

    D4 Konnect Banner Stands

    £140.00£185.00 ex-VAT
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D4 Pop Up Displays Explained

D4 pop-up banners are suspended on two tension cables, held in place by aluminium masts.

How the banners are attached to the cables is different for each model.

d4 banner stand models

Overall height of all D4 banner stands is 218cm.
Displays weigh from 5kg – 10kg depending on model.

The tabs below show the different models and their fixing methods.

More information on the different D4 Models

tension banner stand assembly

Displays are available in 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and 120cm widths.

Custom banner sizes can be attached to D4 Shape and Classic models. Call us for information on these options

D4.8 Classic Units at the Saatchi Gallery
Support rail and mast detail for D4 banner stand

D4 Classic Fixing Method

Aluminium poles are inserted in a hemmed pockets top and bottom of the banner. A simple slot and thumbscrew fixing detail holds the banner in place.

Banner cable fixing detail for D4 tension cable display

Banner Leveling Guide

A small ball moulded on the cable shows you where to attach the banners so they are level.

metal base for banner stand

Stable Heavy Base

The original D4.8 classic features a 4.5kgs steel base which provides great stability perfect for semi permanent displays.

d4 classic tension cable banner stand

Available Sizes

D4 Classic displays are available in 60cm & 80cm widths. The banner height can be varied on the D4 Classic.

D4 Shape with Custom Size Banners
Banner cable fixing detail for D4 tension cable display

D4 Shape Fixing Method

Banners are attached using 4 cable fixings which are fixed on to the cables first. The banner is then fixed on to these fixings

cable fixing banner detail

Cable Fixing Detail Back

This shows the back of the cable fixing when using the alternative velcro fixing method.

D4 tension fabric banner stand fixing detail

D4 Shape Base / Floor Fixing Detail

Banners can vary in width from 70cm to 120cm, height can be between 80cm to 200cm.

D4 curved banner options

Standard Available Sizes

D4 Shape displays are available in 80cm, 100cm & 120cm widths. Curved and custom sized banner can also be attached.

free standing banner stands in a line
D4 Konnect 80cm Units
D4 Cable and banner rail connection detail

D4 Konnect Fixing Method

Each cable has two fixings which are moulded onto the cable. The Konnect rail has keyholes which clips on to these fixings.

D4 Banner cable & banner connection detail

Fixings moulded to the cables

Banner are fixed to an aluminium extrusion
which then hooks onto the cables

d4 Konnect banner display base detail

Minimal Design

No fixings to detract from graphic design on the banner which floats 8cm off the ground.

Available Banner Sizes

D4 Konnect displays are available in 70cm, 80cm, 90cm & 100cm widths

Benefits & Features of D4 Pop Up Banners

Fabric Banners
Fabric Banners

Our satin opaque fabric banners look great on the individual displays.

Stylish Design
Stylish Design

A simple and stylish way to add graphics into a corporate interiors,

Custom Sizes
Custom Sizes

Custom banner sizes can be fitted to the Classic & Shape models.

Off The Floor
Off The Floor

Banners float just off the floor, so the displays appear to take up less space visually.


Steel baseplate makes the display very stable and suitable for permanent installs.


Users can change their own banners quickly and easily without specialist tools or knowledge.

Heavyweight Banner 
Heavyweight Banner 

Our standard banners are printed on opaque 300 micron polyester film.

Integrated Downlight
Integrated Downlight

Optional 50W downlight accessory illuminates your marketing graphics.


Displays pack down into soft travel bags thats can be carried by hand to events.

large curved banner stand display

Convert D4 Banners Into Pop Up Displays

  • D4 Konnect Displays let you create both types of display, using one display system.
  • Turn 80cm, 90cm or 100cm D4 Konnect units into a seamless exhibition system.
  • The magnetic connection system is easy to use, with no tools required for assembly.
  • D4 Konnect exhibition systems are a great alternative to pop-up systems.
  • Save money by using pop up stands to do two jobs.