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D4 Banner Stands – Stylish Pop Up Banners for Exhibitions & Interiors

D4 Displays – Stylish Pop Up Banners for Exhibitions & Interiors

  • D4 Banner Stands are floor standing pop up displays for corporate offices, events, and trade shows.
  • Displays are available in 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and 120cm widths.
  • The overall height of all D4 Pop Up Stands is 218cm.
  • D4 pop up banners are quick and easy to assemble and pack down into travel bags.
  • Lightweight and compact, our pop up banners are a great alternative to pull up banners.
  • Banners are suspended on two tension cables, held in place by slim aluminium masts.
  • Three models of D4 banner display are available – Konnect, Classic, and Shape.
  • How the banners attach to the cables is different for each model. D4 Systems explained.
  • Download D4 in use images here.
  • This slideshow also explains the differences between the models.

The Different D4 Pop Up Displays Explained

three different models of D4 banner stand




D4 Displays come in three basic models

D4 Konnect displays 70cm, 80cm 90cm, 100cm banner stands





D4 Konnect Comes in Four Standard Sizes

D4 konnect banner profile detail

D4 Konnect banners are glued directly to the rail, eliminating the need for fixings…

D4 Konnect banner stand cable attachment detail

Keyholes on the rail hook onto on the fixings on the cable.

how to tension d4 konnect banner stand

Pulling the cable back, drops the banner down, letting you thread the fixing through the keyhole on the bottom rail.

D4 Displays tension cable fabric banner stands side by side 60 & 80cm models

D4 Classics come in two sizes, either 60cm or 80cm.

D4 classic banner support rail

D4 Classic fixing - a round aluminum pole goes through a pocket top & bottom of the banner. A thumbscrew holds the cable in the slot.

D4 classic banner display fixing detail

Fixed round balls on the cable ensure the banner is straight.

curved fabric banner displays

D4 Shapes come in two sizes, either 100cm or 120cm.

Base and fixings detail D4 Shape banner displays

Battens are inserted in the banner pockets. They have holes in them which line up with the cables.

Cable and fabric banner pocket detail from d4 Display system

Banners are attached to the cables with four of these fixings. Giving you the option to change the banner size and shape…

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Benefits & Features of D4 Pop Up Banners

  • Steel baseplate makes the display very stable and suitable for permanent installs.
  • Users can change their own banners quickly and easily.
  • Can be used with a wide range of banner materials.
  • We tend to use either polyester film or fabric.
  • Dye sub printed fabric banners work really well on the individual displays.
  • Banner printing uses the latest high-resolution technology.
  • Custom size banners can be fitted to Classic & Shape models.
  • Turn 80cm, 90cm or 100cm D4 Konnect units into a seamless exhibition systems.
  • Banners float just off the floor so the displays appear to take up less space visually.
  • Quick and easy to install – a simple way to introduce graphics into corporate interiors.
  • D4 banner stands are suitable for displays in reception areas and marketing suites.
  • 10-year guarantee against production defects.
  • Follow our Instagram to see recent projects.

D4 Pop Up Stands Gallery

Using Separate Banner Stands and Pop Up Displays?

  • D4 Konnect Displays let you create both types of display, using one display system.
  • The magnetic connection system is easy to use, with no tools required for assembly.
  • Flexible linking graphic lets you build almost any shape to suit your space.
  • D4 Konnect exhibition systems are a great alternative to pop-up systems.
  • Can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your showroom, reception area or exhibition space.
  • Complete 2.7m wide display fits into two travel bags and can be carried by one person.
  • Save money by using pop up stands to do two jobs.
  • Travel cases available… these can also be converted into counters with graphic wraps.
  • Based in south London, we supply pop up banners throughout the UK and Europe.


Poster showing the retail prices for Konnect Banner Stands


Can I use the same curved bars to create both convex and concave shaped banners?

Yes just turn the bars around and insert back into the pocket to create the reverse shape.


Can I use the D4 outdoors?

No, we do not recommend it. A strong gust of wind could blow the display over and damage your banner.


How quickly can a D4 pop up banners be assembled?

Single banner stands in 2 – 5 minutes.


What is the lead time for producing a display and banner?

Allow 5 – 6 days. We can sometimes produce them quicker than this but its best to give yourself plenty of time.


Can I buy a D4 display without a travel bag?

Yes. Please call / email, to get a revised price.


I’m a banner printer, can I buy the system only from you?

Yes. D4 systems are usually available from stock. Call to for trade prices and availability.


Can we hire a D4’s from Dimensions?

We offer London only service if the banner printing is placed with us. Call for details.


Where can I purchase replacement bulbs for the downlight?

Most good electrical shops will sell 50W halogen bulbs, take along the old bulb if you are unsure.


Will my downlight work abroad?

Downlights supplied with a British plug will require a European plug adapter for use in Europe.


How do I prepare digital artwork?

Download the Digital Artwork Guidelines PDF for large format digital printing from the downloads page.


Can Dimensions Displays create my banner artwork?

No. We do not provide a graphic design service.


How do I get my digital files to you?

Email if the files size allows, or send it to us via MailBigFile / YouSendIt or similar service providers.


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