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Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders

Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders for Interiors and Exhibitions

  • Acrylic wall mounted leaflet holders are supplied with silver aluminuim wall fixings.
  • Two widths of dispenser are available for each standard leaflet sizes – A4, A5 & DL.
  • Clear leaflet dispensers are made from 3mm high impact clear acrylic.
  • Aluminium panel with metal wirework holders offer a larger capacity and are more robust.
  • Ideal for corporate offices, receptions, showrooms, events spaces and foyers.
  • Acrylic brochure holders have 20mm deep pockets.
  • Our metal wire leaflet holders have 40mm deep pockets
  • Fixed to the wall with our easy to install, three-part aluminium standoff fixing.
  • Displays are a stylish and practical way to distribute your company literature on your walls.
  • Designed for displaying flyers, catalogues, brochures and all types of promotional literature.
  • Matches our D3 Brochure Displays for a consistent look with our floor standing displays.

Acrylic Brochure Holders

Single A4 Acrylic Wall Fixed Brochure Holder
Double Pocket A4 Acrylic Wall Fixed Brochure Holder
Triple Pocket A5 Acrylic Wall Fixed Brochure Holder
Double Pocket A5 Acrylic Wall Fixed Brochure Holder
Four Pocket DL Acrylic Wall Fixed Brochure Holder
Two Pocket DL Acrylic Wall Fixed Brochure Holder

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  • Display company brochures on large exhibition stands, in marketing suites or reception areas.
  • We supply the NHS, dentists and other medical and educational organisations.
  • Used in waiting rooms and doctors surgeries around the UK.
  • Choose the wall mounted brochure holders that best suit the size of literature to be displayed.
  • Dealing direct with manufacturer means you get the best prices.
  • Leaflet holders are usually in stock from our London warehouse.
  • Most orders can be dispatched for next day delivery.
  • Visit our wall mounted brochure holders gallery to see how our clients have configured their displays.

Brochure Holders Gallery


How quickly can wall mounted brochure holders be fitted?

Allow 10- 15 minutes for installation.


What tools will I need to install the acrylic brochure holders?

Pen / Pencil, Bradawl, Spirit Level, Power Drill, Small Hammer, Philips Screwdriver


Do you stock any other sizes of Leaflet Holders other than A4, A5, and DL?



How quickly can I get hold of a Leaflet Display?

Depending on the quantity required, displays will usually be dispatched within 1 – 2 days.


What is the best way to clean my brochure display?

Use a soft cloth or rag and glass cleaner or methylated spirits.


Can you remove scratches from wall mounted leaflet holders?

Use a soft cloth or rag and rub Brasso in a circular motion along the scratch. Leave to dry and polish. Repeat if necessary. We’ve had success using this method to remove scratches. The acrylic won’t be as clear as it was at first, but the scratch should disappear unless its really deep.