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Modern Banner Stands – Stylish Pop Up Displays

To stand out from the crowd at an exhibition or event you need good graphics, presented on modern banner stands. Remember you only have about 10sec to convince someone walking past your stand to stop. D4 Konnect banner stands are a simple and effective tool for any marketing professional to present their brand in a contemporary way.

D4 Konnect banner stands can display a range of durable banner materials, including heavyweight polyester film and fabrics.  Use individual stylish banner stands on their own, or join displays together magnetically to create a larger display with more impact. The same display system can be used as individual banner stands  or converted into a pop-up display. Saving you money.

Our stylish banner stands are lightweight tensions cable displays made from durable materials. They can be assembled quickly by one person and be configured into a variety of sizes suitable for standard shell schemes.

We use modular banner sizes of 80cm, 90cm, and 100cm. These units can be used on their own or joined together magnetically. The joining panels can either be straight or curved to create larger panoramic displays. Displays can be updated with larger or additional graphics as your company grows. You could have two sets of interchangeable graphics for different marketing projects.

Customer Service for your Stylish Banner Stands

One thing we’ve learned over the years of supplying displays for exhibitions is that stuff gets lost or damaged during and particularly at the end of trade shows. It’s human nature at the end of a show to pack up quickly and get out ASAP. Unfortunately, people occasionally leave components behind or pack them poorly and displays get damaged. We pride ourselves on our excellent after sales service for fixing these type of problems and supplying new graphics.

Call us to discuss how we can supply you with modern banner stands for your next event.

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