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5 Main Benefits of Banner Stands For Your Business

Banner stands are one of the most effective and easiest ways to showcase your business at events and trade shows. Not only are they convenient, cost-effective, and durable, but they can also help you stand out as well. This article will outline the benefits of banner stands for your business in more detail: 

1. They Are Cost-Effective

In contrary to most people’s assumption, banner stands are some of the most inexpensive exhibits out there. Businesses are surprised to find that a good banner stand is less pricey than they expected. Keep in mind that prices can climb up when you go for optional accessories and features such as lighting systems and merchandising capabilities. Even with these additional costs, banner stands still remain one of the most cost-effective display options.

Custom Banners
Smaller Banners on D4 Shape

2. They Are Customisable

Another great thing about banner stands is that they are customisable. Whether you want a curved or linear design, the choice is completely yours. You can also choose between single-sided or double-sided, as well as exhibits with a distinct graphics panel as an overlay. Brands can also opt for a different graphics panel printed without having to purchase an entirely new unit. In other words, banner stands can be used for not one, but for other promotions time and time again.

Banner stand packed into portable travel bag
Packed D4 Konnect in Travelbag

3. They Are Highly Portable

If you have had any experience with installing a massive trade show exhibit or display, then you know how inconvenient and difficult it is. This is exactly why you would love the convenience that comes with portable banner stands. Most of these displays can easily fit into travel bags which can be carried with a strap over a shoulder. This will make your life much easier as you can now focus on your other marketing tools, materials, and display elements.

Three part assembly process of the D4 Konnect Banner Display
Easy 3 Step Process To Assemble Displays

4. They Are Easy to Put Up

On top of being exceptionally portable, banner stands are also very easy to install. These banner stands are made for one person to put up easily in a matter of minutes without needing any special tools or skills at all. Moreover, with a banner stand, there is no need to worry about installation and dismantling charges. This means that you get to save some extra cash to spend on other lucrative things that will benefit your business.

banner display in office reception area
D4 Konnect in Foyer

5. They Create a Big Impact Without Taking Much Space

Banner stands can make a huge impact while taking up only a small area of floor space. As they stretch into the air, they can attract people’s attention, even those who are just walking by. Also, because banner stands take up very little space, they are great for small trade shows, job fairs, or your own office’s lobby.

The Bottom Line – 5 Great Reasons For Choosing Pop Up Banners

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that you can get from having banner stands as part of your marketing materials. Considering how great banner stands can do for your business, there is no reason why you should hesitate to get one for your next trade show. Note that there are many options for banner stands available, which is why you want to do your research or consult with a display company for recommendations.

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