Introducing the D4 Konnect Banner Stand

After a year in development, we’re now ready to launch the new D4 Konnect The D4 Konnect is our brand new banner system which can be used as individual banner stands or joined together to create seamless exhibition graphics like a pop-up system.

When we started the design process last summer we had two objectives…

  • Display seamless exhibition graphics on the D4.
  • Make the assembly process easier and quicker.

Design Objectives

We wanted to create a system similar to a traditional pop-up system without all the weight and hassle. To achieve these objectives we designed two new extrusions to support the banner graphics.  We then modified the D4 cable and base designs to work with these new banner supports.

Superficially the new displays look very similar to the older D4 Displays. However, the design details and assembly process are quite different. Gluing the banners to the new aluminum rail reduces the assembly time dramatically. It also allows us to join units together to create seamless graphics.

We designed a matching rubber extrusion that works as a flexible header / kicker support for the linking panel allowing you to create shaped displays.

Konnect Intro Timelapse Film

Adjustable Curved Banner Display

Key Facts

  • D4 Konnect system consists of individual banner stands in 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 100cm widths.
  • Has a clean minimal look, with no obvious fixings to detract from the graphics.
  • The wider 80cm, 90cm or 100cm units can be connected to create seamless exhibition graphics.
  • Three seamless options – Direct Konnect, Rigid Link or Flexi Link.
  • Direct Konnect two units with a simple magnetic connection kit.
  • Use a flexible 55cm linking graphic for shaped displays.
  • The flexible graphic lets you build almost any shape to suit your space.
  • A larger 70cm rigid link panel lets join two units together to create a solid graphic wall.

I could waffle on here, but I suggest watching the slideshow above, or the short film on the D4 Banner Stands page. Then watch time lapse film further down. These will take you through the basics. Pricing and individual product pages will be going live over the next couple of weeks.

Displays will be available to purchase from the end of July 2015

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