80cm tension cable modern banner stands

Hi-Tech Banner Displays for Technology Companies.

The new D4 Konnect is proving popular with technology and engineering companies. We supplied various sizes of hi tech banner displays to a couple of data centres, and a engineering company recently.

This recent trend doesn’t come as a surprise. The original D4 was always popular with these type of companies. Its nice to see the new design being used by new hi-tech clients and the marketing and design agencies that service these business sectors.

I think the clean minimal design lines and the hi tech materials we use in our D4 Konnect banner stands are a good match to these clients own brands. As I mentioned in a previous post about curved banner displays, Mike Dowd who founded Dimensions was part of the team who worked with Richard Rodgers, the high priest of hi-tech architecture on the Pompidou Centre.

Small pop up curved banner display system

Hi-Tech Styling

The satin silver anodised aluminium, powder coated steel and stainless steel cables we use in the D4 have an architectural hi tech style which fits in with contemporary office architecture.

This curved banner display was specified by Triad Design for Conekt Engineering! I did smile when I first saw this artwork. One of the first clients for the D4 Konnect was another company using a variation on the word connect. Great minds etc. etc…… 🙂

banner display in office reception area

I love the graphics Matt at WEDesign created for IO.com and Pure Data centres.  Great use of perspective.  His use of bold logos, bright colours and nice simple and clear layouts work well on D4 banner stands. We’ve been producing banner displays for 15 years now, and the one thing I recommend clients is keep the graphics simple. To much information on exhibition graphics  are a turn off and wont be read in a busy exhibition or event environment.

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