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Choosing Display Stands For Your Showroom

Showroom display stands need to fulfil a variety of criteria; look good, be robust and stable, be easily movable, updatable if your marketing message materials changes, pack down for storage and transportation. The type of display you choose depends on which of these criteria are more important to you. A better quality display will probably be more cost effective in the long run. Good quality displays will withstand the abuse they receive over a long period of time and are usually updatable /repairable. Meaning you can change the graphics and reuse the system many times.

However, there is a danger when specifying showroom display stands that you go for the cheapest option. Over the longer period of time, this may not the best solution. Cheap showroom banner stands will get damaged quicker, and tend not to be repairable or updatable. Also, cheap display stands will reflect badly on your brand. When choosing a supplier, do you trust a company that uses cheap marketing methods / equipment? Or one that spends money making sure their products or services are presented professionally?

The portable displays I discuss next will make your showroom look professional and avoid looking cheap.

showroom display stands in contemporary office space

Showroom Display Stands

When specifying showroom banner stands you should choose a display that won’t fall over and remain standing straight over time. Sounds obvious when you write it down. However, the cheaper roller banner displays that everyone supplies these days nearly always have twist out feet and a small footprint. Both features mean they are easily knocked over, or slowly lean at an angle over time. We would always recommend a heavier display with a larger footprint, either D4 Konnect Banner Stands or Expolinc Roller Banners  are good starting point.

D4 Konnects ( as shown in image above ) are good entry level showroom banner stands for marketing your products or services. They have a triangular boomerang-shaped base plate which provides stability. They won’t be damaged if knocked or moved about.  Install new graphics quickly and easily yourself, without sending the display back to the supplier. Pack them into travel bags for use at trade shows and exhibitions.

Expolinc Classic Roll Up displays banners are high-end roller banner stands ( top image ). These displays have a large 10cm x 20cm footprint and 4 kgs base which means they won’t fall over. Adjustable feet means wonky floors aren’t a problem and they come with a lifetime guarantee against production defects.

Rigid banner stands with 1m x 2m acrylic graphics

Showroom Modular Displays

If you need a more robust display than a banner stand or something that is a bit more upmarket, then you should consider a modular display system with a rigid banner. In the above image, Plex Fusion displays are fitted with printed acrylic panels. We installed these displays in a commercial office in the City of London.

Because of their weight you can leave robust modular displays up permanently in your showroom. Their downside being, they are difficult to transport and install. e.g We only supply these within the M25, as transporting large graphics further afield is difficult and expensive.  Overnight couriers will charge for oversized parcels and are more than likely damage them. We learned that lesson the hard way.  Find a local company to supply and install these systems, or be prepared to spend a lot of money on delivery and installation.

Stylish A4 acrylic leaflet display stand in office reception

Showroom Brochure Display Stands

After graphics displays, brochure display systems will probably be next on your shopping list. Choose either floor standing or wall fixed brochure display depending on the space you have. Sizes and amounts of literature will also impact on your choice.

Install quickly, move and reuse floor standing displays, but pay more for them. Save money on wall fixed brochure displays, but pay more to have them installed by a professional. Remember you may need to make good the interior wall if you leave the premises further down the line. i.e  The wall fixed displays have hidden costs.  Images above / below show the same A4 brochures on a floor standing display and fixed to the wall with standoff fixings.

Dimensions have been supplying quality showroom display stands for over 15 years and can guide you through the pro’s and cons of the portable display stands market. We can supply a variety of different stylish banner, brochure holders and poster displays and custom signage for corporate receptions and marketing suites. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

wall fixed perspex brochure displays

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