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Free Art Prints For Your Home or Office

free art prints

Free Art Prints For Your Home or Office…

…in exchange for images of our display products.

A picture is worth 1000 words as the old saying goes. Good product shots sell displays far quicker than anything we say. The only problem is finding the time to visit clients and take pictures. Running an online business means you tend to be stuck in the warehouse dealing with emails and processing orders!  This is where our customers can get involved, and receive free art prints in return.

Pretty much all the product images on this website were taken by myself  - Robbie Ewing, owner of Dimensions. I took up photography again about 10 years ago after a long hiatus. Previously at college, I used photography to develop textile designs.  I've built up quite a large portfolio of images from my travels and from wandering around London town over the last 10 years. These prints are popular with friends and family. I thought it would be a good way to reward customers if they helped me out.


The Free Art Prints Deal

  • Send us a good quality image of our displays in use which we can use on our website.
  • You can see the quality we like by looking at the quality display stands gallery on our home page.
  • Image to be a minimum of 900 pixels along the longest edge at 72dpi, higher resolution is better.
  • Images need to feature our product and be of reasonable quality.
  • We'll send you an archival A3 print of one of the images in the gallery below.
  • It will be mounted in 40 x 50cm white mount.
  • 40 x 50cm is a standard mount size. You can buy a frame from any decent frame or home decoration shop.
  • You'll have to sort out your own frame unless you do a little bit more - see Supersize Me at the bottom of the page.
  • Most camera phones these days are more than capable of taking a decent image if the light is good.
  • Here's an image was taken by one of my clients of their wall mounted brochure displays. It was taken with an iPhone.

A4 Wall Mounted Lealfet Holders

Email images to [email protected], I'll review them and we can then sort out the print you would like. Images will be credited to you and we'll only be using them in the gallery or product pages of the website.

One print / or framed print per customer.


Leave a good review on our Google+ page, OR create a link from your website to ours and we'll offer you the same mounted print.

Supersize me…

Send us images AND also link to us, or give us a good review on Google+ and we'll sort out the frame for you as well.

Do ALL three and we'll upgrade the print and frame to a larger 67cm x 51cm size.


Free Art Prints Gallery

If you don't like any of these, there are more images on my personal photography website, and also on Instagram and Flickr.