A3 Acrylic Poster Holder & Leaflet

£185.00 ex-VAT

  • Display a message & dispense brochures from one stand.
  • Dispense A4, A5 and DL sizes of brochure.
  • U Shaped acrylic pocket holds posters.
  • 3kg steel base stabilises the display.
  • Price doesn’t include poster graphic.
  • Order 2 - 4 displays and receive a 10% discount.
  • Order 5 - 9 displays and receive a 20% discount.


A3 Acrylic Poster Holder & Leaflet Display

  • Display an A3 poster and dispense leaflets from one display.
  • Read about how we designed the A3 POS Display Stand here.
  • A simple U-Shaped A3 acrylic poster holder lets you change the poster quickly.
  • They provide an elegant solution for displaying A3 posters along with various sizes of promotional literature.
  • Suitable for public areas including reception areas, marketing suites, showrooms and exhibitions stands.
  • The A3 Acrylic Poster Holder is made from clear acrylic, as is the brochure holder. Both hook onto to the tension cables.
  • Your poster is well protected between two sheets of acrylic.
  • Designed for displaying posters, photos, menus, general notices, memos and temporary signs.
  • This display slots together with no small fixing parts to lose. It can be assembled in about 8 minutes.
  • The steel base plate, aluminium masts, and cables are stable and strong.
  • Displays are lightweight enough to move around when fully assembled.
  • View our poster holder displays on Pinterest.
  • Check out our full range of poster stands here. 


The key to solving the price point issue was designing out some of the component costs. e.g rather than 3 individual brochure pockets we changed the design to single piece which holds individual wirework brochure holders.

The wire holders hook into holes in the acrylic in a similar way as traditional wall fixed POS pinboards. The A3 poster holder is now a one piece U shaped holder. This eliminated the magnetic connectors and screen printing featured on our main D3 poster holder system.

The acrylic components now hook directly onto pressed ferrules on the cable. This eliminates the need for four cable fixings to attach each acrylic piece which was a significant cost saving. We also reduced the size of the steel base so we could get more bases out of each sheet of steel.

All these small changes added up to quite a large reduction when compared to our existing D3 system. We managed to reduce the sale price by about 40% which brought the stylish POS Display stand in at the required price point

  • Display weight - 7kgs.
  • Height -165cm.
  • Width - 44cm.
  • Depth - 35cm.
  • Poster visual area 297mm x 420mm.
  • A3 Acrylic Poster Stand comes with a 10-year guarantee against production defects.
  • Spare parts are available if you accidentally damage your display.
  • Dealing direct with manufacturer means you get the best prices.
  • Quick service from our London office.
  • Displays are in stock for next day delivery.

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Weight7 kg


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