• Display A2, A3 or A4 posters on the floor standing D3 Display system.
  • These displays feature a quick change magnetic system for swapping the posters.
  • A4, A5 and DL leaflet holders are an optional add on. Letting you display a message and dispense marketing literature from a single stand.

Floor Standing Acrylic Poster Displays

  • Multiple A4 or A3 Poster Holders can be used on a single stand.
  • Fully assembled poster display stands are easily be moved around.
  • A3 display stands are ideal for photos, menus, health & safety info, general notices & temporary signs.
  • Two models available: Clear Acrylic or Rigid Banner
  • Predominantly used for permanent display in interiors, they can also be used at exhibitions and trade shows.
  • Free standing displays can be placed anywhere.
  • #1 Clear Acrylic
    Lighter and more portable acrylic display where the poster holder is suspended on the cables
  • Poster holders are attached to the cables using four satin finish aluminium cable fixings.
  • Posters & Leaflets Together
  • Combine brochure and poster displays together to create a custom stand. Add up to two rows of leaflet holders.
  • A3 and A4 units can be used in either landscape or portrait formats.

Benefits & Features of Poster Display Stands

<strong>Range Of Sizes</strong><br>
Range Of Sizes

Poster display available in A4, A3 & A2 sizes.


Steel baseplate makes the display very stable and suitable for permanent installs.

a3 acrylic poster holder wall fixing detail
Stylish Design

The front cover sheet has an opaque silver band which frames your poster.

<strong>Place Anywhere</strong><br>
Place Anywhere

Display your posters anywhere. Elegant display solutions for public areas.

<strong>Multi Functional</strong>
Multi Functional

Combine poster and brochure holders on a single display.


A4 & A3 Poster frames can be used in either Portrait or Landscape format.

<strong>Easy To Use</strong><br>
Easy To Use

No fiddling with hex keys. We use large cable fixings to attach the frames to the cables.

<strong>Quick Change</strong>
Quick Change

Recessed magnets hold the acrylic cover frame in place letting you to change the poster in seconds.

<strong>Permanent Display</strong>
Permanent Display

Rigid banner models can be used as permanent displays

  • Rigid Banner Model
    Floor standing poster displays available in A4, A3, A2 sizes.
  • Rigid banner poster display stands are heavier and best suited for permanent display work.
  • Optional graphics can be applied to panel.

Where to Use D3 Poster Displays

  • A2 Display stand units can be used at conferences for directional signage.
  • They are also ideal window display stands for displaying property in estate agents.
  • Poster displays can be left up permanently in showrooms and reception areas.
  • Get the best prices by buying directly from the manufacturer.
  • Quick service from our London office.
  • Most poster display stands are in stock for next day delivery.
  • Poster stands come with a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • Check out our Pinterest gallery for ideas on how to display posters.