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Modular Banner Displays

4m wide Banner Display Exhibition Stand

Modular Banner Displays

D4 Konnect's are modular banner displays suitable for exhibitions, events & interiors. They are lightweight, portable self assembly display stands. They can be configured in a variety of ways to suit your showroom, reception area or shell scheme exhibition space.

We created a short film which explains the design features of the D4 Konnect banner display system.

We supplied Bridgwater College with a set of six graphics and four D4 Konnect banner stands. This project illustrates the modular aspect of the D4 Konnect display perfectly.

They wanted six 100cm wide banners graphics that could be used individually. The displays could also be used together to create a larger displays for bigger events and exhibitions.

The individual displays featured different aspects of the colleges curriculum. Here we have two of the 1m banner stands side by side.

Modular banner displays 100cm wide

A simple magnetic system means you can join the 100cm wide banner stands together. Two aluminium connectors join the top and bottom rails together.

Magnetic tape down the banner edges is held together by light weight foamex bars with steel tape applied.

This means the individual 1m banners can be turned into a 2m wide graphic. Additional displays can be added to these units to create a much larger graphic.

Magnetic fixing for banner displays

Purchasing this configuration allows the marketing team to either use four displays at different events on the same day. Or all the displays can be used together to create a graphic wall with more impact at larger events and at trade shows.

Large modular banner displays 2m wide