Mini Banner Display Stands: Small Display Signs

Mini Banner Display Stands

  • Our mini banner display stands are for those times when you want a slightly smaller graphic display.
  • For instance when you don't want to obscure other signage or graphics, or have low ceilings.
  • Overall height of our small banner displays is 175cm, same as your average person.
  • Two options available,  either the lighter D4 Konnect, or heavier D3 Display frame with cable fixings.
  • Brochure holders can also be added to the D3 Display option for extra functionality.
  • We think they are a friendlier size for certain environments where full size banners would be to big.
  • Can be used as permanent or temporary signage in hotels and at events.

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D4 Konnect Mini Banner Info

  • Three widths of D4 small banner stands - 70cm, 80cm and 100cm.
  • The D4 mini banner leans back at around 5 degrees, presenting the graphics to the viewer .
  • Banner height is 163cm, and they floats 5cm off the ground.
  • We print the banner on a heavyweight durable opaque banner material
  • Travel bags are available if you need to store of move the displays around different locations.

A1 Poster Displays with Leaflet Holders

  • Design of this system means you can put banners of varying widths and height on the frame.
  • We print the banner on a heavyweight durable opaque banner material.
  • Optional A4, A5 or DL brochure pockets can be attached underneath the poster.
  • This display is a more a permanent option and we don't supply bags with this model.