LED Light Boxes

  • Three options; floor standing on D3 Display, wall fixed, or table top.
  • Illuminate you graphics with our LED Light Boxes.
  • Five “A” sized acrylic light boxes available in A5 up to A1 sizes.
  • Quick change magnetic systems means graphics can changed in seconds.
  • Light boxes are wall fixed with our standard wall fixing.
  • Download LED Lightbox Brochure.


A2 Lightbox

A3 Lightbox

LED Lightboxes

  • They provide an bright display solution for receptions, marketing suites, & show rooms
  • Perfect for promoting property sales in estate agents windows
  • Light boxes are made from 6mm or 8mm ( A1 model ) clear acrylic with polished edges
  • The film graphics are held in place between the acrylic back sheet and a 2mm cover sheet
  • The front cover sheet has an opaque silver band which frames your poste
  • Front cover is held in place with snap fit recessed magnets
  • These let you can change the poster in seconds without the need for tools.

LED Light Box Sizes


ModelOverall unit sizePoster visual area Graphic size trim out
A5258mm x 310mm148mm x 210mm158mm x 220mm
A4320mm x 397mm210mm x 297mm220mm x 307mm
A3415mm x 540mm297mm x 420mm307mm x 430mm
A2540mm x 700mm420mm x 594mm430mm x 604mm
A1754mm x 1000mm594mm x 841mm604mm x 851mm


  • The LED light boxes are fixed to the wall using stand off fixings.
  • They can be used in either landscape or portrait format.
  • 30,000+ hours life span, with low energy consumption, and give off very little heat.
  • They are only suitable for interior use only.
  • Units requires a 13 amp mains power socket. It comes with approx. 1.5m of power cable.
  • The most popular LED light box display is the A3 version.
  • Quick friendly customer service from our London office.
  • Dealing direct with manufacturer means you get the best prices.
  • Most small orders can be dispatched next day.