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Leaflet Display Stands | Brochure Stands | Literature Racks

Leaflet Display Stands for Interiors and Exhibitions

  • Ideal for exhibitions, trade shows and office displays.
  • We have a great range of desktop, floor standing and wall mounted displays to choose from.
  • Our permanent perspex display stands are free standing so they can be placed anywhere.
  • We also have wall mounted leaflet displays and perspex holders for desktop / counter use.
  • Perfect for corporate, reception, museum and retail environments.
  • Literature dispensers are the perfect choice for displaying your marketing and advertising leaflets.
  • Perspex leaflet holders are a great way to encourage interest in your services, products and offers.
  • Locate your brochure stand in a high traffic area to kick off a special offer or new promotion.
  • Combine brochure and poster displays together to create a custom stand.

A4 brochure stands, stylish floor standing displays for corporate receptions and interiors

D3 Brochure Stands Come In Two Widths

Narrow 42cm

Wide 54cm

A4 brochure stands, stylish floor standing displays for corporate receptions and interiors

They can be configured with A4, A5 & DL pockets.

Quick self assembly brochure displays stands that can be easily moved

Quick to assemble, the steel base ensures it won't be knocked over.

Printed graphic customises your brochure display stand

They can also be customised with a printed header.

Floor standing acrylic A4 leaflet display stand

Simple stylish way to display brochures in your office

Perspex Display Stands Specifications

  • Floor standing leaflet display stands are available in two width options – 42cm or 54cm.
  • Select A4, A5 & DL clear acrylic brochure pockets to attach to your display.
  • Mix different sizes of leaflet dispensers on the same floor standing display.
  • Brand your brochure holder with a custom printed graphic.
  • The 4.5kg steel base makes the display very stable.
  • The leaflet holders are made from 3mm clear perspex acrylic.
  • These are clamped to tension cables so the acrylic holders float in mid air.
  • See how our clients have used their D3 brochure stands in the gallery below.
  • Our brochure stand displays are in stock for next day delivery.

Shop for the Most Popular Literature Racks Here

  • The 20mm deep acrylic pockets are fixed to tension cables with large easy to use fixings.
  • A maximum of three rows A4 double dispensers can be attached to the literature display stands.
  • Up to four rows of A5 and DL literature holders can be attached.
  • Accessories include display shelf and graphic panels for branding.
  • Floor standing brochure stands can be moved around when fully assembled.
  • Leaflet holders can also be wall mounted with wall fixings. See the full range here.
  • D3 leaflet display stands are self-assembly perspex display stands.
  • They can also hold catalogues, brochures and other promotional literature.
  • A key feature is the ability to display different sizes of leaflets on the same display.
  • Literature stands provide an stylish display solution for public areas.
  • Displays for receptions areas, marketing suites, showrooms & exhibitions stands.
  • Use our Pinterest boards to create a scrapbook

Brochure Stands Gallery

FAQ’s About Our Brochure Stands


Can I put more than three rows of brochure acrylics on a D3 brochure holder?

Yes, as long as it’s NOT all A4 units as the overall weight becomes too heavy.

All A5 and DL’s is possible or a mix of these and 2 or 3 A4’s


Can I mix narrow and wide literature racks on the same display?

No. The cable spacing is different for each width and this means you can’t mix them.


How quickly can a D3 brochure display be assembled?

Allow 5-10 minutes for assembly.


I’ve lost my assembly instructions where can I get replacements?

Assembly instructions for the different types of D3 Display are available on the downloads page.


Can we hire a Perspex Display Stands from Dimensions?

No. We don’t offer a hire service for the D3 currently.


Do you stock any other sizes of Leaflet Dispensers other than A4, A5 and DL?

No. Other sizes would have to be made as specials. This can be done but it takes about 2 weeks and is expensive.


How quickly can I get hold of D3 Brochure Stands?

Depending on the quantity required, displays will usually be dispatched within 1 – 2 days.


How long does it take to print the graphic headers for the brochure displays?

Allow 4 – 5 working days from receipt of artwork to dispatch.


What is the best way to clean my brochure display?

Use a soft cloth or rag and glass cleaner or methylated spirits.


Can you remove scratches from perspex display stands?

Use a soft cloth or rag and rub Brasso in a circular motion along the scratch. Leave to dry and polish. Repeat if necessary. We’ve had success using this method to remove scratches. The acrylic won’t be as clear as it was at first, but the scratch should disappear unless it’s really deep.


Can the perspex leaflet holders be used in conjunction with your poster holders?

Yes, the poster and leaflet holders were developed as part of our modular D3 Display system. The most popular poster holder size is A3. In landscape format, this can be combined with the A4 Double, A5 Triple and DL Quad brochure holders. In portrait format, this can be combined with the A4 Single, A5 Double and DL Double brochure holders.  Call us and we can tell you if the combination you want is possible, and create a visual for you.


Pricing & Delivery FAQ Answers