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Showcasing Our Stylish Exhibition Display Stands

Reception exhibition display system

Showcasing Our Stylish Exhibition Display Stands

The easy part of showing at an exhibition is booking the space. The hard part is finding the right display equipment and designing the graphics! Three recent jobs illustrate how our new D4 Konnect Displays are ideal exhibition display stands when you have a small space or booth.

D4 Konnect banner stands are cost effective solutions that look great and can be configured to suit small floor space exhibition areas or small shell schemes. The D4 Konnect uses modular sizes of 80cm, 90cm and 100cm banners. These units can be used on their own or in groups. Individual units can also be joined together magnetically with rigid or flexible in-fill panels to create larger panoramic displays.

Small curved exhibition display stands

These off-the-shelf exhibition display stands can be customised to create practical, portable displays for a variety of exhibiting spaces. They can also be updated with larger or additional graphics as your company grows and you need a bigger exhibition presence.

The flexible D4 Konnect display we supplied to AB Global above features two 80cm banner stands joined together with a flexible 55cm panel. This allows the user to form a large 215cm wide graphic panel that can be shaped into a gentle curve. These displays pack into a couple of travel bags which can be carried by one person.

We believe our displays look so good, you might even decide to leave them up permanently in your reception area or foyer.


We supplied new start up Equaliise with a couple of 1m wide D4 Konnect with bright bold graphics. These banners grab your attention and illustrate one of the golden rules for exhibition graphics - keep it simple. You only have a few seconds to grab someone's attention so keep the copy concise and to the point.

Large 1m wide banner displays for exhibition stand

Finally, we supplied Bridgwater College with four 1m wide units. These can either be used as either individual units or joined together to create a larger 4m graphic wall.

Individual units can be used at smaller events and the larger graphic wall at exhibitions. The D4 Konnect can be configured in lots of ways.

Browse our shop to see a full list of our products. Or alternatively, get in touch to find out which solution we could provide for your unique exhibition needs.

100cm wide banner stands connected together