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D4 Banner Displays – Explaining The Models

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D4 Banner Stands - Defining the Options.

Last year was a busy year of product design and development here at Dimensions Displays. We introduced the first new D4 Banner Display in quite awhile. We've now updated our company brochures to include the new D4 Konnect model. You can download the D4 brochure at the bottom of this page, or head to the downloads page to see all the brochures.

When creating our new D4 Konnect branding it become apparent we needed to update the branding on the existing D4 models to help explain the differences between them. Individual D4 banner stands are now available in three models – Classic, Konnect & ShapeThe banner fixing method is different for each model. Each method has its own advantages.

D4 Banner Displays Options

The new D4 Konnect has a cleaner simpler aesthetic with no fixings to distract from the graphic element, the graphic just clips onto the cables. This makes it a lot quicker to assemble. It can also be built into an exhibition system by connecting displays together. 

D4 Cable and banner rail connection detail

a line of elegant 80cm wide banner stands in contemporary office space

The D4 Classic is the original model, previously called the D4 Standard. It features banners with hemmed pockets top and bottom with round aluminium cross ties, suspended between the cables like the model shown here. The basic two models are still available, but the larger D4.8 model is under review. We may phase it out next year.

Support rail and mast detail for D4 banner stand

Stylish banner stands for events

The D4 Shape was previously called the D4 Wide, which came in five different models. It also features banners with hemmed pockets top and bottom, containing flat battens which attached to fixings on the cables. These banners are suspended in front of the cables like the model shown below.

We're rationlising the D4 Shape down to the two models which display curved fabric banners only. The other models which displayed straight banners at 80cm, 100cm and 120cm will deleted when their stock runs out. The 80cm and 100cm models have been replaced by the new D4 Konnect models at the same widths.

Banner cable fixing detail for D4 tension cable display


Finally if anyone uses Pinterest to collate ideas and inspiration for projects you might want to head over to our How to Display Banners page. We've posted example of our work and other displays we like.